"The best thing about this job is capturing those moments that would usually be missed or quickly forgotten. The value of that moment won’t necessarily be realised until a few years down the track when you look back and think shit that was special. Right now I look back at photos I’ve taken of my own kids from only few years ago and my eyes instantly well up and time seems to vanish while I pore over each image. Without the images these moments wouldn’t even register as a blip in my distant memory, but instantly I’m transported back. I’m so thankful that those moments in time can live on forever and I love that I have an opportunity to fuel that nostalgia for others."

Scott Surplice





If I could shoot one wedding over and over again I would be over the moon if it was Libby and Nathan's wedstival in Bellingen.


They lived interstate and soon fell in love long distance. The distance meant they weren't able to speak often but they started noticing quirky little things that bought them close together.


One of those things was the time 12:51. When they thought about each other often they'd check the time and it would be 12:51. Because of this they held a SECRET CEREMONY at 12:51 on the day of their wedding without any of their guests knowing.


It was an incredible day to be part of! You can check out how they celebrated in true festival style on the blog.


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