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Hey I’m Scott and thanks for checking out my work! So you’re after a photographer? I’ve been in those very shoes. I’m married myself and have started a little family of my own.

My wife Jen and I have two little humans (so far) and spending time with them is the best thing in the world. Being a dad is the most challenging and rewarding thing on the planet.

It teaches me new things about myself every single day as well as interesting facts about dinosaurs (who knew they were related to birds? I thought they were giant lizards!)

Not having the luxury of knowing I was going to be a photographer right out of school I’ve had to work hard to get to the position I’m in right now. When I realised that photography was my dream (late twenties) I already had a mortgage and tiny human number 1. Jen is very supportive and understanding but there was no way I could throw in my cushy job to have a crack at full time photography to see if it was a thing. I was the bread winner and I had to keep those loaves coming in while I honed my craft.

So I put my head down and worked more than one job for 4 years (having baby no.2 along the way) until the business was in a place where I could support my family with 100% photography funds. In 2014 I said goodbye to my comfortable corporate salary, after 14 years in the TV and Advertising industry and set out to fend for myself.

Now I’m living the dream and getting to spend time with great people on the happiest day of their lives. I’m so appreciate and feel pretty damn lucky to be part of their story and I’d love to be part of yours.




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